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The compressed air is one of the most important industry's utility like electricity, water, and natural gas. It's use is enormous, i.e in every industrial sectors and establishments to supply process requirements, to operate pneumatic tools and equipments, to meet instrumentation needs, to clean room, to material conveying, to do painting, packaging, to do sand/shot blasting and many others. In fact we can't think of any kind of industry without compressed air.


The compressed air systems account for significant of electricity used in any industries. It is very important to design a reliable and efficient compressed air system. Is not as simple as we normally think. It requires a as expertise and only experienced people or company can provide the best solution.


Calorie HNT Private Limited

Designing a Compressed Air System depends upon a number of factors but following are the critical which shouldn't be ignored.
Calorie HNT Private Limited Demand Analysis - compressed air demand must to be properly analyzed in terms of its flow, pressure and quality for each and every point of use and its consumption pattern.
Calorie HNT Private Limited Location of Air Compressor - The environment where the compressor is to be installed must be analyzed in terms of its contamination, temperature range, Rh range and the elevation from the MSL.
Calorie HNT Private Limited Intake filters - The intake filter of a compressor has vital role for a compressed air system. Its proper selection depending upon the contamination of the environment is important.
Calorie HNT Private Limited Type of the compressor - There are many type of Air Compressor available such as
a. ReciprocatingReciprocating - oil injected
b. ReciprocationReciprocation - oil Free
c. Screw - Oil injected
d. Screw - Oil freeScrew
e. CentrifugalCentrifugal ----etc,
Every type of air compressor has its own advantages and disadvantages depending upon many aspects, flow, pressure, oil content, power consumption, space requirements, spare part requirement, down time, its maintenance cost etc, therefore selection of a right kind of compressor is very important
Calorie HNT Private Limited Air Cooling - Inter stage cooler or after cooler has a very significant role in terms of a compressor efficiency, heat recovery,. Air cooling can be possible by atmospheric air or cooling water.
Calorie HNT Private Limited Air Treatment - This is a very important and critical parameter as far as quality of the air is concerned. Pre filters, post filters, oil filters, bacterial filter , air dryers are the major components of the air treatment system. It is to be very carefully selected according to the need of the application. There is a considerable amount of cost attached to it. Sometimes unnecessarily treatment though the application
doesn't demand may add to unnecessary cost. Right kind of treatment for right application is must.
Calorie HNT Private Limited Air Tank - Capacity of an air tank ensures the uninterrupted supply of required flow at required pressure at every point of use. Running of a compressor at full load, partial load or no load is directly proportional to the electricity consumed. With the help of a air tank, compressor running time be minimized resulting
energy saving.
Calorie HNT Private Limited Piping Layout - In absence of a proper piping layout, its sizing and correct fitting, there would be restriction of flow, pressure drop, increase or decrease in velocity and leaks. To avoid all the above possibilities and leaks, piping layout design should be very proper and accurate.
Calorie HNT Private Limited Durability of the Equipment -

Energy costs associated with a compressed air system are significant. For example, when analyzed over a ten-year period, the cost of energy consumed by an average compressed air system exceeded other costs, including the initial cost of equipment and installation. The cost of electric may exceed the cost of the capital equipment, each year.


Poor system configuration can lead to improper airflow.


Calorie HNT provides complete solution of compressed air systems including compressed air energy management system and energy audit under one roof.

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